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great poses and drawings in this!! I love how you did the getting into bed bit, super fun stuff

cant get enough of that take lol

beautiful work as always, love how slow and dreamy the animation is, really nice details in the way they move around. I'd live there, I love the rooms so much

Holy shit this is so well made, your designs are wild!!

MaxJohnsonINK responds:


This was so rad, my face was twisting up while watching! The art style is really well done, super clean. Love the details in the background and the sound design with the light buzz. Amazing dialogue delivery too :)))

BoyPorcelain responds:

You know, I was going to comment on Orlas ear worm yesterday about how we both thought of similar concepts for Halloween but i was gonna wait until i posted this so i could make the comparison. But man, i appreciate the kind words but you also killed it with your animation too! Great minds think alike ;)

Also thank you for the kind words, as another creator of horror its always good to hear from you :D

Oh man, this might be my new favourite toon of yours. Super funny, the voice acting was perfect + I loved the shadows n lighting. Really great shot composition and design too, especially that first shot.

sadtape responds:

stoked to hear that! i wasnt so sure this would come out well

Loved it man, eerie and a little comfy too. Really enjoyed the composition of every shot, the frames inside all that black space is very appealing. That gun shot animation is super satisfying, works so well with the sound.

As always the actual drawings themselves are so evocative, the expressions, the poses, loved the smoker pushing the casket and my favourite shot of the banana salesman seeing whats inside it.

Love the texture of your cartoons, not just the pencil brush lol, its hard to describe. Great soundtrack too, nice and creepy at the end!

sadtape responds:

Thats really high praise, thanks a lot!

The tone and vibe of the whole cartoon is so well done, I love the pacing of it. The sludge scenes are animated really well, the coin trick too. Loved the music and sound design choices, need to check out those 20th century posters.

First viewing had a completely different interpretation than the second.

Great work again dudes!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you!
Fraser produced some incredible key art for the goo, was an absolute treat to line.

We always worry we make the plot to vague but i’m glad second viewings help piece it together :)

FraserMcNiven responds:

Oh wow, thanks for the kind words. ClockworkPixel always does great sound work.

Amazing style and world! I love the designs of everything in this

Love the way this plays out and the minimalistic style. All the little details in the animation and sound design are really satisfying. The environment and character drawing are top-notch too

ianimate, imusicmake

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